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Scholarship Recipients

I look forward to what the future holds and the wealth of knowledge that the professors will instill in me. I am devoted to this exciting and interesting field and am a guaranteed investment for your scholarship monies.

- Abigail Trainor

“Bring Back the Trades” will help me get into Maine School of Masonry, which in return will expand my knowledge in my trade. By attending this school, I will get closer to achieving my goal of becoming a restoration stone mason and bringing light to the art of stone masonry.

- Kaitlin Galbraith

It wasn't until I found the trades did I enjoy school. I took a culinary class, a welding class, and finally an automotive class. This is where I found the joy in education. 

- Connor Hopley

I feel that promoting the trades is an important aspect of the world that is being forgotten by most high school students. This is why I believe that I am a strong candidate for this scholarship as each dollar will help me towards a successful career and a happy life doing what I love.

- Connor Fleming

I will be able to put this money towards school and then once I graduate trade school I can use my education to help out not only my family, but the community as a whole and make a good and lasting reputation for myself.

- Zachary Trout


What are Skilled Trades?

In short, a career path requiring hands-on work and specialty knowledge


Carpenter, electrician, plumber, steamfitter, pipefitter, mason, painter, HVAC technician


Automotive service technician, bus operator, train operator, heavy equipment operator/technician


Welder, machinist, metal fabricator, tool and die maker


Nursing assistant, chef, baker, hairdresser, landscape architect, food service manager

Our Mission

Bring Back the Trades, Inc is a national non profit based in Rye, New Hampshire. 

Bring Back the Trades believes that the skilled trades is a worthy and essential career choice for students. One of our primary missions is to equip post-secondary students with scholarships, who want to acquire the knowledge of a professional trade through a U.S. based trades school. We are proud to have awarded over 30 scholarships to date to qualified students who are pursuing post-secondary educations in a professional trade.

In addition to our scholarships, Bring Back the Trades hosts community events and trade exhibitions. We educate and bring together local communities so they can experience trade skills, to drive respect and awareness of the importance of all trades. 

To further implement our mission, Bring Back the Trades, Inc. collaborates with educators, community leaders and trade vendors to collectively change the perception of the trades within the education system. 

We are dedicated to bringing together trade vendors, schools, parents, and students to ensure all members of society value tradespeople, and have the opportunities for gratifying careers in the trades as a result.


Each month Bring Back the Trades, Inc, accepts scholarship applications from students enrolled or attending a post-secondary school in a skilled trade.


Bring Back the Trades fosters relationships among students, trade schools, and businesses utilizing skilled trades people.


Bring Back the Trades is building a network of students and mentors. Connect with us to get involved.

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